Beware of Import Dumping, Is your protein safe?

Due to unsatisfactory or non-existent regulations in the countries of origin for whey, knockoff whey products are able to slip into the United States undetected. Several recent cases involving imported proteins labeled as “whey” have been found to contain no whey protein at all. [2] Fillers and less expensive soy, rice, pea, vegetable, animal proteins often find their way into labels that claim to be “pure whey”.

This should make you think twice if you typically do not take the time to look at labels! Consumers more than ever need to make sure labels have clearly marked ISO and GMP certifications. They also need to make sure the whey comes from countries with strong regulations similar to the United States, such as New Zealand and Denmark. (The origin of whey is everything when it comes to quality)

What can I do to ensure I’m getting genuine ingredients? For starters make sure your bottle has “made in USA” clearly marked (a must when buying proteins). Also make sure it has GMP Certifications clearly marked on the bottle. It will look like this… Good Food Manufacturing Process is a controlled and regulated…[3] read FDA link on details of the oversight.







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