Why did we create Shake Diet Reviews?

These days it only makes sense to be a skeptical consumer. With so many shake products sold in stores and online it can be hard to know which ones work, which ones don’t, which ones look great because of marketing and which ones really are great. We want you to know what products will work the best for you and your weight loss and fitness goals before you buy.

How do you rank the meal replacement shakes?

We review each and every product we list on this website and rank them based on factors such as quality of ingredients, protein per serving, price, taste and more. We then encourage our fans to leave their own opinions and experiences about each shake so together we can make this is the ultimate meal replacement shake review resource.

Who’s behind Shake Diet Reviews?

The Shake Diet Review team is comprised of certified nationalists, health fanatics and nutrient enthusiasts who love protein and meal replacement shakes.

Do you really know everything about protein shakes?

We think we know an awful lot about protein shakes and the meal replacement shake industry. However, if we don’t have an answer to question about meal replacement shakes or we’re not sure about something regarding a shake, we do everything in our power to research and investigate the matter before we offer our expert opinion.

Do you really try all of the shakes?

Yes! We try each and every shake we review. How else could we tell you which shake tastes better and which shake keeps us full unless we tried them ourselves? If you want us to a review a product that you don’t see on our website, just ask! We’re always looking to review a new meal replacement or protein shake!