Whey is the Superior Source of Protein

At Shake Diet Reviews, we get all kinds of questions about protein. Our fans want to know what’s the best kind of protein for sustained weight loss, fighting hunger, boosting metabolism and helping to have a healthier lifestyle.

We highly recommend choosing whey as your number one source of protein in each and every protein shake you buy. Before purchasing a protein or meal replacement shake, always check the ingredient label first to ensure whey is the main component in the product to get the most of out your weight loss or fitness efforts.

Why not soy?

These days, many companies are using soy as the protein source in their meal replacement shakes as oppose to whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, casein protein or milk protein. This is simply because soy is cheaper for them to manufacturer.  We strongly discourage our users to drink meal replacement shakes that use soy at their primary source of protein because soy has been linked to a wide array of negative health effects by leading health experts and scientific researchers.

We suggest looking for a protein or meal replacement shake that has one of these other protein sources as a main ingredient for better nutrition and optimized weight loss and fitness results.

All about whey

Whey protein is a mixture of protein isolated from whey, the liquid material created as a by-product of cheese production. Across the health and fitness communities, whey is considered the supreme source of protein because it’s absorbed the most effectively by the body, allowing you to utilize it fully and quickly.


Whey can be found in protein shakes in many forms. Whey concentrate is one of the most basic forms of protein and is often a fairly inexpensive protein source, making it a great starting point for beginning. It may be used both before and after workouts or as a meal replacement supplement in shakes to keep the body full and satisfied.

On the other hand, whey isolates are perfect for people on a low-carb diet because most whey isolate proteins are very low in carbohydrate and sugar. Whey isolates are one of the fastest absorbing proteins available, allowing the body to supply the muscles with nutrients quickly. Whey isolates are typically more expensive for this reason. This is also great before and after a workout because the fast absorption helps the muscles grow and recover. 

 Biological Value (BV) of proteins

The biological value or BV of protein is a value that measures how well the body can absorb and utilize a protein. Proteins that have a high BV are better absorbed, used and retained by the body. This is why it’s always important to choose a protein source that has a high BV. Whey protein has the highest BV value of all the proteins, rating at 104.


Let Shake Diet Reviews guide you through the process of choosing the perfect whey meal replacement shake for your body, lifestyle and weight loss or fitness goals. We will ensure you are a fully educated consumer when you pick a shake so you know exactly what you are getting before you buy and you can be assured that you will see the results you want!  

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