How We Rate Products


Protein Type – When it comes to meal replacement shakes, the type of protein matters greatly. There are a lot of brands, products, and systems that have a wide variety of protein types from animal, plant, and soy base. Not only that, some products overload their nutrients with protein, and the human body can only absorb around 10 to 15 grams per serving. The excess gets eliminated from the body, and could even add additional weight in the form of fat. We look at the best type of blend, and denote which are bad for you with our color ratings on each review.


When evaluating protein, we look for the how much product constitutes a serving.  This can be tricky…many manufactures want you to believing they have a large amount of protein, vitamins, etc. per serving — when in reality the serving size is often as much  as 3 scoops! This is your first clue as to the quality or purity of the protein you are getting. This is a really BIG deal!  That’s why we look carefully at how many grams of protein are in a scoop since this is a prime indicator of product quality.

We consider WHEY protein the gold standard because its biological value (BV), or ability to be used by the body,  is higher than any other protein source.

All Protein is not the same.  We rank products by their ingredients:

Whey Protein (Ranked highest)… that is grass fed, USA or New Zealand origin, BGH free, clearly marked certifications (GMP, ISO)

Vegan Protein (Good) — beneficial for lactose intolerant people.  We rate according to the protein source.
This can be pea, rice, or other vegetable proteins.

Any soy blend (Lower tier rank) is considered inferior and given a lower rating
Soy’s benefit to health is highly controversial, and it has a relatively low biological value


Taste– It is well known that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and taste is very much the same in many ways. Research shows that if you don’t like the taste of a food item, you will not stick to it, which is why we looked into the taste component and featured it as part of our review process.


Effectiveness of appetite suppressant

If you want to make losing weight a whole lot easier, you want a product that makes you feel comfortably full for a long time. Then you will actually want to eat less. This is why the right meal replacement shake is so helpful!

We look for natural supplements that have been clinically studied and proven to be the most effective.  Our highest ratings go to those formulations with the finest natural ingredients that perform the best.

We have found that a blend of ingredients works better than any single supplement.  That said, some of the best “natural”  supplements include:  pea protein, whey protein, and fiber.

 Price The cost of a shake can sometimes be an indicator of the quality of ingredients found inside any meal replacement item. A useful rule of thumb is to avoid low cost solutions as they will often times have soy fillers, artificial sweeteners, and other controversial additives.

Guarantee We take the manufacturer to task, looking for whether or not they show commitment to their product, which is an important factor in making an educated decision.